Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finding the Olden Day in the Every Day

I just saw this news article on a Facebook friends profile:


I love when people do things like this. I love SCA theatrics, except I'm terrible at them myself.

The above post reminded me of a blogger (Ercc Glaison) who "donned the trappings of a mendicant friar, took a ‘commitment to quiet’ and went on a pilgrimage," during Pennsic 42.

His post about his experience is here: Ercc Glaison: Pennsic 42 - Wandering Friar Experiment

There is a part of me that would love to become more focused in the SCA, and do some things like this. There is another part of me that finds herself drained by the SCA and even just reading about the drama and internal bitching is tiring.

I currently have some scribbles on the whiteboard in my room about it is to be a "Lady", both SCA wise and historical wise. It's something I would like to research about a great deal more and who knows, maybe write about it someday.

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