Sunday, October 16, 2016

Wandering Challenge research - Women on a Terrace by Alessandro Allori

As part of my research into the Wardrobe section of my Wandering challenge I came across this painting.

I love paintings like this because it provides those little details into peoples lives. This is a bit out of my time frame (I'm 1550's, this painting was completed in 1589) but I imagine not much probably changed during those years. The Medici coat of arms is featured so I'm guessing them to be Medici women however I'm not sure which. The washing line looks to hold some partlets, ties and housecaps. I think the cap in the top right corner has multiple ties, which I've seen in some portraits. There's even a woman washing her dog. Neat!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Wandering Wardrobe Challenge

For me this challenge has been shortened to the Wandering Challenge as I'll also be using the challenge to motivate me to improve not just my wardrobe but other aspects of my SCA persona.

Starting with the wardrobe however...
Most of my wardrobe consists of outfits I've inherited or someone has made for me so I will be completely revamping my wardrobe.My persona is that of a 16th century Valencian lady (though I may move her up the Spanish coast a little) who is married to a Florentine nobleman.My inspiration for this challenge is Ghostanza Minerbetti's bridal trousseau which I will be attempting to emulate.I'm aiming for roughly the 1550's with a Florentine based wardrobe as I think Margarita would be trying to fit in with her husband's household.
These posts will be culminated into one large page (The Wandering Challenge tab at the top of my site.)

Interesting facts from the Minerbetti bridal trousseau:









A little surprised by only the one overgown, to be honest. Also, the number of camicie, aprons, handkerchiefs and housecaps is astounding but makes complete sense when you start to think about. You'd be washing more of those items to keep the more expensive items cleaner. Wiping hands on handkerchiefs, rather than your clothes. Keeping muck from getting on your clothes by wearing an apron. I should start doing these things with my normal clothes!

I've left off anything that doesn't refer to what fabric it's made of but here is a fabric breakdown of the trousseau:

Silk:1 Overgown2 Gown2 Flounced Gown1 Pair of sleeves1 Housecap1 Hairnet (decorated with swan's-down)7 Camicie1 Headcap1 Pair of Silk Gloves

Wool:2 Dresses (specifically mentioned as dresses, instead of gowns??)2 Pairs of woolen shoes
Velvet:1 Pair of sleeves1 Cap2 Neckband

Linen:8 Camicie10 Aprons14 Housecaps

Cotton:1 Pair of sleeves1 Apron

Taffeta:4 Headcaps1 Cap

So of the 7 gowns/dresses that Ghostanza took with her, 4 were made of silk, 2 of wool and 1 doesn't mention the fabric just that it is a housedress with sleeves and trim of green silk. I will definitely need to invest in more silk and wool.