Friday, August 28, 2015

Spaghetti BITCHES!

I have to share this with somebody and as I have no real SCA confidante that would understand it, I'm sharing with you dearest blog.

I'm currently answering atrueamateur's Weekly Persona-Building Questions on Reddit. I'm up to "in what form(s) do you consume grain?"

I have no idea why but it is taking all of my willpower not to respond with "spaghetti BITCHES!"

TLDR: I'm a horrible person, move along.

PS: Will make a page with persona details for both Mar's once I've caught up with all the current questions.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finding the Olden Day in the Every Day

I just saw this news article on a Facebook friends profile:

I love when people do things like this. I love SCA theatrics, except I'm terrible at them myself.

The above post reminded me of a blogger (Ercc Glaison) who "donned the trappings of a mendicant friar, took a ‘commitment to quiet’ and went on a pilgrimage," during Pennsic 42.

His post about his experience is here: Ercc Glaison: Pennsic 42 - Wandering Friar Experiment

There is a part of me that would love to become more focused in the SCA, and do some things like this. There is another part of me that finds herself drained by the SCA and even just reading about the drama and internal bitching is tiring.

I currently have some scribbles on the whiteboard in my room about it is to be a "Lady", both SCA wise and historical wise. It's something I would like to research about a great deal more and who knows, maybe write about it someday.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Motivate Me

Long time, no update.

This is a bit of a crossover from my post on the NerdFitness forums (my username is pureleeawesome over there, if you want to find me.)

I have consistently done some mode of exercise three times a week for the last few weeks and as I had to spend my last week away from work I'll be doing it Fri-Sun this week. Starting with a walk to the post box to send of the mail for my now ex-job :)

Last week with eating lunch out was bad, considering it was my last week at the Perth office and I wanted to revisit all the places I'd eaten at before I left. Silly idea, really.
This week I have eaten lunch out only once which is impressive considering I was in Kalgoorlie for my final week of work.

The job market for my industry (mining/construction) is terrible currently. I started looking into other, more sustainable, industries that I would be interested in and started looking into Aged and Disability Care. I applied for a traineeship and went in for an interview and it looks like I've gotten in, if yesterday's mail is correct. I'll still have to prove myself with a training course and work experience but I have high hopes.

Steve's latest NF post (The State of the NF Rebellion) was inspiring. I started thinking about if I was a game, who would want to play me? (My boyfriend, badum tish!)

Seriously though, who would?

Another thing that really stuck with me was improving my bat cave and having fun with fitness.

I am at my most happiest when the environment around me is orderly. It doesn't have to be too neat or clean (I can handle a little dust) but orderly is best for my brain. I've made a pretty good effort last week in organising things, but there's a little clutter in my room and at my computer and sewing desk that could with organising.

Fun with fitness is another thing. I haven't been having fun. This one is tougher for me to answer because I'm not sure what I find fun that's a physical activity.
I do miss rollerskating. I'm not confident in my rollerskating outside abilities anymore so I would need to go back to a rink. There are two near me, so that's not too difficult but they cost $8-$10 and... and I should put it into my budget and make my health a priority. 

I need to go away and think on things for a while and decide how I am going to reach my goals.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to 2015!

Hello Blogland

I decided that as it was a new year, it was time for a new start. Yes, I deleted all of my old blog entries. Slightly a shame, but it was something I needed to do in order to move on from everything.
I want to start afresh this year. I want to be more present in life. I want to start enjoying outings and friends and living.

So that's what I'm going to do.