Life Goals

These are goals that I have identified as wanting to complete at some point in my life. Those in strikethrough font have been completed, I will try to add a link to the related blog post, if there is one. I have put the goals under headings. For fun.


  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Scotland  Completed August 2017
  • England Completed August 2017
  • Visit the 7 other Australian States and Territories (Visited Melb, Victoria October 2017)
  • Drive the Great Ocean Road (Australia)
  • Antarctica
  • Denmark (again)

Medieval Interests

  • Complete a "dowry kit" for Margarita Rossetti
  • Have some basic knowledge of life for a 16th century Italian noblewoman
  • Steward an event Completed in 2017
  • Complete an embroidery sampler

Health & Fitness

  • Move to an 80/20 Paleo diet
  • Go indoor rock climbing
  • Deadlift 
    • 60kg
  • Squat 
    • 60kg
  • Bench Press 
    • 30kg
  • Overhead Press
    • 30kg
  • Do a Handstand
  • Perform a Pull-up
  • Perform a Push-up with proper form
  • Plank
    • 1 minute
  • Complete Zombies, Run!


  • Meat Challenge
  • Wine Challenge
  • Write a personal cookbook


  • Complete outlines for 5 stories
  • Complete the first draft for 1 story

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